Assignment 1

Assignment 1 Blog

Assignment Outline

  • [x] Join teams group
    • [x] post 1 question and answer two questions in random
  • [x] join github with depaul email address
    • [x] create private repository and name it : [First Name]-[Last Name] inside Org
  • [x] Create a blog
    • use HackMD
    • post entry each time you work on assignment or a project
  • [x] setup programming environment
    • [x] install java jdk
    • [x] add jdk to IDE
  • [x] write fibonacci program
  • [x] create assignment1 folder in repo
  • [x] push project to repo
  • [x] complete short course survey
  • [x] complete introduction form
  • [x] write blog post

Beginning Thoughts

I do not like the teams stuff …. why not discord? I am also not entirely sure how the GitHub stuff is being done still… where is the invite?

  • I understand now 🙂 (changed after discussion in teams with professor)

I also must admit that Java is a silly language to work with 🙂

Java JDK

  • [x] Install Java JDK
    • installed 18.0

IDE Setup

  • Going to use visual studio code, I use it at work and I love it
  • [x] Add JDK to IDE

Needed to install this extension pack for my existing configuration

The extension does comes with some cool stuff though I must admit …

GitHub Repo

Having problems with getting the repo to clone to my machine … Keeps saying that the repo does not exist … hmmmn ..

This article sure helped!

I just needed to delete some passwords from the keychain access on my Mac!

… but now it broke the note taking system on my computer … -sigh-

I guess trying to use two different GitHub accounts on one machine is not fun…. hours later …. I found a hacky way of doing it… very annoying…

Got rid of one of my accounts … this became a pain in the ass


Back at it , took a day break from everything…

Wrote fib program and had no problem with my IDE setup.

Pushed the program and added a README to main page 🙂


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