Assignment 2

Assignment 2 Blog


  • [x] Complete Task 1
  • [x] Complete Task 2
  • [x] Complete Task 3
  • [x] Complete Task 4
  • [x] Complete Task 5
  • [x] Complete Task 6
  • [x] Complete Task 7
  • [x] Complete Task 8
  • [???] Complete Task 9
  • [] Complete Task 10
  • [] Complete Task 11
  • [] Complete Task 12
  • [] Complete Task 13
  • [] Complete Task 14
  • [] Complete Task 15
  • [] Complete Task 16

I have started this over and over and over and over … going to get it right this time!

I see that we need to do the tasks and not try to implement more than instructed. Any data structure course I have taken so far has been complete implementation before we continue forward Reading ahead and seeing tasks build on another Am not used to this type of thing …

I use vs code so hopefully I did the delete and cover thing right

Looks like I accidentally implemented task 7 seLinkList ahead of time … whoops lol

Some of this assignment is very vague. I keep having the issue of not liking that we are returning just the object reference I know I can implement my own print method… but the assignment is confusing as is .. If we needed to have a specific outcome, there needs to be more granularity for the assignment .

With all these tasks I think I am doing what you wanted. Not too sure of the grading rubric either.

Once you get rolling on this assignment it is not too bad!

I get caught on some weird stuff and just hyperfocus on it :S

I am going to work on this for 10 more minutes and call it quits …

Got the max to work only with a list and the data array ……..

Well, tried my best 🙂

I am done.

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