Project 1

Part A


  • Group decided to meet last minute.
  • This was a bad idea come to find out.
  • I took it upon myself to do some work to out GitHub repo.
  • Worked on the readme for main and project1 folders
  • Now it looks nice!
  • Also did some changes to display more information for our group.
  • Setup the issues and assigned as needed.
  • Going to meet with group tomorrow to go over things..
  • Enough doing stuff, to continue tomorrow.


  • Meeting with group at 6
  • Going to work on a few things before meeting to move ahead
  • Added the Algorithm project to the group repo => Project1 directory
  • Initial build failed …

  • Updated and did things with my IDE…now it works lol ok then

  • Worked with group from 6PM – 8PM

  • Had some build issues

  • Had to reinstall gradle and java :S

  • Now it works, now it doesnt

  • Oh wait, main is looking for Binary Search ?

  • Algorithm works , interesting …

  • System differences??

  • I understand most of this now … nice project layout

  • What architecture is used for this? Appears to be onion …

  • Helped team get most machines running

  • I am the team lead I guess .. cool beans

  • That is enough for tonight …


  • I did some more editing on our GitHub page.
  • Made it look better than it did and added new information
  • It is after the due date, oh well.

Part B


  • Meeting with team!
  • My laptop decided to not want to get along tonight …
  • Thirty minutes later and I am able to work again
  • I cannot wait for my framework laptop to come in, going to be awesome sauce
  • Team had a good meeting, figured out branching to protect main from any issues
  • Worked on my unit tests
  • I think I am missing something… how many times are we supposed to test these?
  • I finished my three basic complexity tests now
  • Ok that is all for the night


  • Time to get some things done again here
  • I have taken this idea and I am going to further blog my development journey
  • I think it will be helpful for others that come across it and get some help from it
  • so thank you for that
  • back to the assignment ….
  • did some editing on the group repo, because I love messing with mermaid
  • Made a Git graph for handling merge conflicts
  • first time messing with it, and it made my brain melt for a minute
  • finally got it
  • looks good fam
  • time for some unit testing
  • completed my three basic complexity tests, time for the ..
  • I can’t stop messing with the github lol I keep finding new things to add
  • Ok finished my level 3 CC
  • Time for the big dog, I went and decided I wanted to do a level 10 for some odd reason :S
  • So this is going to be a darn challenge lol


  • After talking to the professor, guess I am not testing correctly …
  • Now I do not understand a single thing about this assignment
  • I had a midterm today, I am fried
  • Nothing but issues with getting this to run again
  • Changed some of my algorithms because I am getting too annoyed
  • Got my CC 1s and CC 3 completed with new choices
  • I need to get rid of my CC 10
  • My brain hurts, it is midnight … been on this for like 6 hours now
  • I think I am finally done with this…..


  • Did majority of the merges today
  • I am getting better with Git merges and commands now!
  • I am using the GitHub desktop to handle merge conflicts
  • VSCode conflict handler is confusing and odd
  • It was easier than I thought it would be …
  • I am almost done, but waiting on one team member to fix issues with their code


  • Final submission day
  • Still waiting for team member to fix tests
  • Going to move forward and finalize what I can without them
  • Final merge from dev into main
  • Main passes all tests
  • Documentation is added
  • DONE!
  • Getting approached over member and their tests
  • Going to give them until 5:00 PM to fix
  • Member decided to wait till last minute to get it figured out
  • Had to get extension on submission because of it
  • Rather frustrating dealing with this type of stuff, easily avoided…

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