Project 2

Phase 1 – Design


Having some communication issues with the team Our schedules are all messed up Having a hard time finding a time to meet up Last time when we waited it made me anxious, so I am going to start working on things to get it moving along Working on some things that another member decided, and I think it is great! I like the idea of using a traceability matrix This will let the team see what requirements we want and edit an excel document to follow the requirements we need


I completely forgot to work on this while doing things with the project I got very frustrated with some of my team members Some of them were completely missing until the night before the assignment is due I am not ok with doing things this way, because it gets old And the content we generated was very simplistic and useless Got told to make better documentation from the professor, no surprise there Team stepped up and made the documentation better and I appreciate them for it Sent the documentation to the design team

Phase 2 – Implementation


Hopefully we can get this figured out Created a skeleton java program and delved them out for team members to implement This should be fair for merge issues and any possible conflicts We will see how this goes

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