Project 3

So, this project appears to be more in-depth than the others, which is not too bad I guess

We have too many bigwigs on this project, and everyone seems to want to take ownership… so be it lol

We were given some tasks and not sure how that got decided but appears that some teams have more technical and programming assignments while others have some form of documentation assignment… kind of weird how that got decided too.

We got the debugging portion, and we are not able to really do much until the movement sections are completed so this is a waste of time for now.

I attempted to get some movements going, got left to move, but figured someone else is already working on it so forget it.

Somewhere this random Atari division repo showed up. Not sure where that came from, I forked the repo from the reference code…

Whoever pushed to the main first caused some issues with compilation, there is a .idea folder within the project … not everyone runs JetBrains or Intellij or whatever it is. Now there is issues with what folders we should and shouldn’t have, this guy wanted to remove target folder, which is ok, but spent more time arguing over it then making changes.

Looks like this is the wild west for handling the repo, everyone can push to main and complete their own pull requests … I do not like this at all. Kind of not handled well at all…

Finally got some movement with the blocks! Going to work on the debugging issue for sticking to walls.

Found the issue of where it was being caused, now how to fix this … hmmn. Removed some code, now it doesn’t stick, but the blocks disappear … going to reach out to the division for help or advice.

Looks like someone fixed that issue in main just now … we made documentation to complete certain tasks .. why the hell are we not following it or asking people if they wanted help on the task or not .. I got my task ripped from me while working on it … this is garbage handling .. two thumbs down, do not recommend.

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