Project 3

So, this project appears to be more in-depth than the others, which is not too bad I guess

We have too many bigwigs on this project, and everyone seems to want to take ownership… so be it lol

We were given some tasks and not sure how that got decided but appears that some teams have more technical and programming assignments while others have some form of documentation assignment… kind of weird how that got decided too.

We got the debugging portion, and we are not able to really do much until the movement sections are completed so this is a waste of time for now.

I attempted to get some movements going, got left to move, but figured someone else is already working on it so forget it.

Somewhere this random Atari division repo showed up. Not sure where that came from, I forked the repo from the reference code…

Whoever pushed to the main first caused some issues with compilation, there is a .idea folder within the project … not everyone runs JetBrains or Intellij or whatever it is. Now there is issues with what folders we should and shouldn’t have, this guy wanted to remove target folder, which is ok, but spent more time arguing over it then making changes.

Looks like this is the wild west for handling the repo, everyone can push to main and complete their own pull requests … I do not like this at all. Kind of not handled well at all…

Finally got some movement with the blocks! Going to work on the debugging issue for sticking to walls.

Found the issue of where it was being caused, now how to fix this … hmmn. Removed some code, now it doesn’t stick, but the blocks disappear … going to reach out to the division for help or advice.

Looks like someone fixed that issue in main just now … we made documentation to complete certain tasks .. why the hell are we not following it or asking people if they wanted help on the task or not .. I got my task ripped from me while working on it … this is garbage handling .. two thumbs down, do not recommend.


Project 2

Phase 1 – Design


Having some communication issues with the team Our schedules are all messed up Having a hard time finding a time to meet up Last time when we waited it made me anxious, so I am going to start working on things to get it moving along Working on some things that another member decided, and I think it is great! I like the idea of using a traceability matrix This will let the team see what requirements we want and edit an excel document to follow the requirements we need


I completely forgot to work on this while doing things with the project I got very frustrated with some of my team members Some of them were completely missing until the night before the assignment is due I am not ok with doing things this way, because it gets old And the content we generated was very simplistic and useless Got told to make better documentation from the professor, no surprise there Team stepped up and made the documentation better and I appreciate them for it Sent the documentation to the design team

Phase 2 – Implementation


Hopefully we can get this figured out Created a skeleton java program and delved them out for team members to implement This should be fair for merge issues and any possible conflicts We will see how this goes

Software Development



What Is Markdown?

As indicated on the official Markdown Guide, Markdown is a lightweight markup language that can be used to add formatting elements to plain text documents.

Ok… what is a markup language?

Markup languages are just a type of encoding that refers to a set of symbols inserted into a text document that will cause manipulation to the structure, formatting and the relationship of the entire document.

You probably know a markup language and do not even realize it. It tends to be one of those things that you read about and think, “I have no idea what that means…”

Some examples of commonly used markup languages are:

Why Markdown?

Markdown can be used for about anything you can think of when it comes to documentation.

I personally use markdown for note-taking at work, along with school. The power duo of Markdown and the use of GitHub makes reading and taking notes limitless.

You can use Markdown with your favorite IDE (integrated development environment) and streamline your notes across multiple platforms with ease. You are able to make changes to the document with simple formatting and use of symbols.

Use a cheat sheet, this is great to have open while you are testing and playing around with Markdown.

Follow my development GitHub for more tips and tricks.


Project 1

Part A


  • Group decided to meet last minute.
  • This was a bad idea come to find out.
  • I took it upon myself to do some work to out GitHub repo.
  • Worked on the readme for main and project1 folders
  • Now it looks nice!
  • Also did some changes to display more information for our group.
  • Setup the issues and assigned as needed.
  • Going to meet with group tomorrow to go over things..
  • Enough doing stuff, to continue tomorrow.


  • Meeting with group at 6
  • Going to work on a few things before meeting to move ahead
  • Added the Algorithm project to the group repo => Project1 directory
  • Initial build failed …

  • Updated and did things with my IDE…now it works lol ok then

  • Worked with group from 6PM – 8PM

  • Had some build issues

  • Had to reinstall gradle and java :S

  • Now it works, now it doesnt

  • Oh wait, main is looking for Binary Search ?

  • Algorithm works , interesting …

  • System differences??

  • I understand most of this now … nice project layout

  • What architecture is used for this? Appears to be onion …

  • Helped team get most machines running

  • I am the team lead I guess .. cool beans

  • That is enough for tonight …


  • I did some more editing on our GitHub page.
  • Made it look better than it did and added new information
  • It is after the due date, oh well.

Part B


  • Meeting with team!
  • My laptop decided to not want to get along tonight …
  • Thirty minutes later and I am able to work again
  • I cannot wait for my framework laptop to come in, going to be awesome sauce
  • Team had a good meeting, figured out branching to protect main from any issues
  • Worked on my unit tests
  • I think I am missing something… how many times are we supposed to test these?
  • I finished my three basic complexity tests now
  • Ok that is all for the night


  • Time to get some things done again here
  • I have taken this idea and I am going to further blog my development journey
  • I think it will be helpful for others that come across it and get some help from it
  • so thank you for that
  • back to the assignment ….
  • did some editing on the group repo, because I love messing with mermaid
  • Made a Git graph for handling merge conflicts
  • first time messing with it, and it made my brain melt for a minute
  • finally got it
  • looks good fam
  • time for some unit testing
  • completed my three basic complexity tests, time for the ..
  • I can’t stop messing with the github lol I keep finding new things to add
  • Ok finished my level 3 CC
  • Time for the big dog, I went and decided I wanted to do a level 10 for some odd reason :S
  • So this is going to be a darn challenge lol


  • After talking to the professor, guess I am not testing correctly …
  • Now I do not understand a single thing about this assignment
  • I had a midterm today, I am fried
  • Nothing but issues with getting this to run again
  • Changed some of my algorithms because I am getting too annoyed
  • Got my CC 1s and CC 3 completed with new choices
  • I need to get rid of my CC 10
  • My brain hurts, it is midnight … been on this for like 6 hours now
  • I think I am finally done with this…..


  • Did majority of the merges today
  • I am getting better with Git merges and commands now!
  • I am using the GitHub desktop to handle merge conflicts
  • VSCode conflict handler is confusing and odd
  • It was easier than I thought it would be …
  • I am almost done, but waiting on one team member to fix issues with their code


  • Final submission day
  • Still waiting for team member to fix tests
  • Going to move forward and finalize what I can without them
  • Final merge from dev into main
  • Main passes all tests
  • Documentation is added
  • DONE!
  • Getting approached over member and their tests
  • Going to give them until 5:00 PM to fix
  • Member decided to wait till last minute to get it figured out
  • Had to get extension on submission because of it
  • Rather frustrating dealing with this type of stuff, easily avoided…

Assignment 2


  • [x] Complete Task 1
  • [x] Complete Task 2
  • [x] Complete Task 3
  • [x] Complete Task 4
  • [x] Complete Task 5
  • [x] Complete Task 6
  • [x] Complete Task 7
  • [x] Complete Task 8
  • [???] Complete Task 9
  • [] Complete Task 10
  • [] Complete Task 11
  • [] Complete Task 12
  • [] Complete Task 13
  • [] Complete Task 14
  • [] Complete Task 15
  • [] Complete Task 16

I have started this over and over and over and over … going to get it right this time!

I see that we need to do the tasks and not try to implement more than instructed. Any data structure course I have taken so far has been complete implementation before we continue forward Reading ahead and seeing tasks build on another Am not used to this type of thing …

I use vs code so hopefully I did the delete and cover thing right

Looks like I accidentally implemented task 7 seLinkList ahead of time … whoops lol

Some of this assignment is very vague. I keep having the issue of not liking that we are returning just the object reference I know I can implement my own print method… but the assignment is confusing as is .. If we needed to have a specific outcome, there needs to be more granularity for the assignment .

With all these tasks I think I am doing what you wanted. Not too sure of the grading rubric either.

Once you get rolling on this assignment it is not too bad!

I get caught on some weird stuff and just hyperfocus on it :S

I am going to work on this for 10 more minutes and call it quits …

Got the max to work only with a list and the data array ……..

Well, tried my best 🙂

I am done.


Assignment 1

Assignment Outline

  • [x] Join teams group
    • [x] post 1 question and answer two questions in random
  • [x] join github with depaul email address
    • [x] create private repository and name it : [First Name]-[Last Name] inside Org
  • [x] Create a blog
    • use HackMD
    • post entry each time you work on assignment or a project
  • [x] setup programming environment
    • [x] install java jdk
    • [x] add jdk to IDE
  • [x] write fibonacci program
  • [x] create assignment1 folder in repo
  • [x] push project to repo
  • [x] complete short course survey
  • [x] complete introduction form
  • [x] write blog post

Beginning Thoughts

I do not like the teams stuff …. why not discord? I am also not entirely sure how the GitHub stuff is being done still… where is the invite?

  • I understand now 🙂 (changed after discussion in teams with professor)

I also must admit that Java is a silly language to work with 🙂

Java JDK

  • [x] Install Java JDK
    • installed 18.0

IDE Setup

  • Going to use visual studio code, I use it at work and I love it
  • [x] Add JDK to IDE

Needed to install this extension pack for my existing configuration

The extension does comes with some cool stuff though I must admit …

GitHub Repo

Having problems with getting the repo to clone to my machine … Keeps saying that the repo does not exist … hmmmn ..

This article sure helped!

I just needed to delete some passwords from the keychain access on my Mac!

… but now it broke the note taking system on my computer … -sigh-

I guess trying to use two different GitHub accounts on one machine is not fun…. hours later …. I found a hacky way of doing it… very annoying…

Got rid of one of my accounts … this became a pain in the ass


Back at it , took a day break from everything…

Wrote fib program and had no problem with my IDE setup.

Pushed the program and added a README to main page 🙂



Northern Michigan

Long-weekend trip to Traverse City, MI. Enjoy.

Sleeping Bear Dunes

Local Spotlight

Local Spotlight – Sacred Dunes


Do you have aches and pains? Nervous about that new job or anxious about new life adventures? Look no further than Sacred Dunes.

Sacred Dunes Integrative Health is your complete holistic wellness center offering a multitude of products and services including:

  • Acupuncture
  • Massage
  • Chiropractic Care
  • Cupping
  • Nutrition
  • Herbal Medicine
  • Lactation Consultation
  • Natural Skin Care
  • Yoga
  • Aromatherapy
  • Workshops

Personally, I have been going to Stephanie Gordon for some time now. I first experienced cupping and acupuncture when I had no other options for the anxiety that was taking away from my life. Stephanie welcomed me and brought to my attention other issues that may have been creating the anxiety I was feeling. During the initial consultation she reminded me of things I forgot I even dealt with (acid reflux & back pains).

Stephanie was able to completely distinguish my anxiety issues and get my other ailments in order. Fast forward about 4 months, I was not able to get any appointments due to my work and school schedule. I was diagnosed with a herniated L5 disc. Classes finally ended and I called Stephanie, she got me in the NEXT DAY! She got right to work and could feel where I was having issues. Three weeks later and I feel better than I did before I originally started.

Please visit this place if you ever need something. This is my time whenever I go I get to relax and just release any of my stresses. It really helps me mentally.

Q & A:

Q: Who are you and what do you do ?

A: Hey! This is so sweet of you to do this! My name is Stephanie Gordon. I have a Master of Science and am a board certified, licensed acupuncturist. I own Sacred Dunes Integrative Health with Lindsay Negrelli-Gawat who is a licensed massage therapist. We are located on 410 Wabash Street in MC. We also have a Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. Taylor Devore that practices with us.
Most people know that acupuncture is great for pain, but I love to educate people about so many other benefits of acupuncture, cupping and herbal medicine including: migraines, allergies, asthma, autoimmune disorders, oncology, diabetes, hormonal imbalances, insomnia, addiction, digestive disorders, gynecological disorders,anxiety, depression and the list goes on!

Q: How did you get into the field of expertise that you are in?

A: When I was in undergrad studying to be an early childhood educator, out of pure synchronicity became a birth doula . When I was helping my birth clients navigate the list of ailments pregnancy can bring, my research always led me back to acupuncture. One client asked me if acupuncture hurt and I felt like a hypocrite having never had it so I went in just to give it a try. I had no idea how educated an acupuncturist was in both Western and Eastern medicine. The acupuncturist addressed my debilitating migraines and cured my frequent migraines after six treatments! My life was changed forever! I signed up for grad school and my journey to becoming an acupuncturist began!

Q: What makes you wake up every morning wanting to help people like you do?

A: I love helping people. Even though acupuncture is an incredible way to keep a super healthy person healthy, I tend to get the difficult cases. People come to see an acupuncturist a lot of times as their last resort. To help give someone quality of their physical, mental and emotional life back is priceless. I am dedicated to empowering people to take their health and power back into their own hands. I love my job so much. I love my community and I just want to see us all healthy and thriving.

Q: If someone wanted to do what you do … what is some advice you would give them ?

A: DO IT! The world desperately needs more doctors and health practitioners who understand and empower our body’s natural ability to heal itself. We need practitioners that understand how to use food and herbs as medicine, to encourage simple lifestyle changes that can make a world of difference!

Q: What is one of your favorite healing stories ?
Oh man Alex, there are SO many. It gives me goosebumps to think about everything I have witnessed. To see people get a new chance on life when they had already given up. There are just so many.

Q: Anything else you want people to know about ?
We are open. We are here to help. Call or text us at 219.262.0034 or if you have questions and want a free 15 minute phone consult on how acupuncture or chiropractic can help, please call and schedule or email us at


Contact & Location:

410 Wabash Street
Michigan City, IN 46360
United States

Phone: 219.262.0034


Pileated woodpecker

The Pileated Woodpecker is a very large woodpecker with a long neck and a triangular crest that sweeps off the back of the head. The bill is long and chisel-like, about the length of the head. In flight, the wings are broad and the bird can seem crowlike.

Additional information:

Local Spotlight

Local Spotlight – Howe Farms

Take some time and look into the food you put into your body. Have you found any local farms near you? Have you been second guessing on the quality of product you are feeding to your family? If you’re near Crown Point, Indiana… look no further …

Wonder down US 241 about 15 minutes outside of Crown Point square and you will find yourself in another world. A world where animals roam free and farmers are tending to their crops and livestock. Some farm for trade and some just for pure self-sustainability. Luckily the family at Howe Farms are more than welcoming to their land.

Q & A

Q: Who are you and what do you do?

A: Steve and Jenn Howe. Owners of Howe Farms.

Q: How did you get into farming?

A: We got into farming first from our interest in beer, but it has blossomed into an obsession. We truly want to raise the highest quality healthiest foods for our community. We want to positively impact NWI. We are region kids that love it here.

Q: What drives you to do what you do?

A: Drive…it’s a funny thing to me. From the community, to leaving something for my kids and grandkids, to being the best I can be, there are many driving factors.

Q: Any big plans for the future?

A: Our future is scaling up to meet demand, we have to be more efficient and continue to focus on our standards at the same time as we scale, do it is a constant redevelopment of a new system.

Q: What is one of your favorite stories about something that has happened on the farm?

A: I don’t have a particular story that stands out, but making memories with our family and friends is a constant goal. We try hard to treat everyone like family, we appreciate the love and support so much and everyone feels like family now. So we love to make those memories.


Howe Farms is located at: 14091 Grand Boulevard, Crown Point, Indiana, 46307

Due to the current pandemic, and the expansion of the farm, Howe Farms is offering tours at 11am, 12pm, and 1pm on the days the farm stand is open.  They are doing everything in their power to keep customers, farmers and animals safe.  

  • Farm stand is open May-October on Sundays 11-3
  • Tours are FREE
  • Tours last roughly 15-20 minutes
  • Limited groups to 10 or less for safety reasons
  • Parties of 5 or more please contact for availability
  • Fences are electric and bees are on the farm so please be aware of the safety concerns